Senate OKs $100K to pay GOP after primary lawsuit


BOISE, Idaho (AP) _ Senators approved a $100,000 payment to the
Republican Party after the state lost a federal court case that
threw out Idaho's 38-year-old open primary law.
Republicans long sought to close primary elections only to party
faithful to thwart crossover voting they contend has skewed the
In March, they finally won in court, prompting the Idaho
Legislature to pass a law restricting primary elections to only
registered party members.
Democrats _ and three Republicans _ objected to the settlement.
Sen. Elliot Werk of Boise put it like this: A Republican
Legislature approving payments to the Republican Party for a
lawsuit against the Republican secretary of state was ``so bad,
it's comical.''
Sen. Mitch Toryanski of Boise said federal law lets plaintiffs
in civil rights cases like this recover legal fees.

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