Synthetic drug bans clear Idaho Legislature


BOISE, Idaho (AP) _ Legislation to ban new synthetic drugs marketed as ``bath salts'' has now cleared both chambers of the
Idaho Legislature.
Lawmakers in the Idaho Senate also passed legislation Friday to permanently outlaw chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana called ``Spice.'' The state adopted a temporarily ban last year of the chemicals used to make Spice, an incense that some people smoke to get a marijuana-like high.
Idaho drug czar Debbie Field says that once the state adopted a temporary ban of ``Spice'' last year, the so-called ``bath salts'' quickly took its place as the newest synthetic drug. The ``bath salt'' drugs are usually snorted like cocaine but also can be smoked and injected.
Lawmakers took up legislation to ban ``bath salts'' shortly after introducing a bill in the 2011 session to permanently ban ``Spice.''

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