No Winner In Washington Gubernatorial Race


By Paul Johnson

Olympia, Washington (CNN) - It may be days before we know the winner of Washington state's gubernatorial race.
Former Democratic Congressman Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna are in a dead heat for the state's top office.
Both campaigns encouraged voters to wait until all ballots are counted for celebrating or accepting defeat.
For the last 17 months you have worked incredibly hard. You've been patient building this campaign, not only for me but for all the great candidates that we have and tonight we're going to ask that you be patient for just a few days longer. I know, but you know how it goes when we vote by mail it takes a little bit longer but this year it will be worth the wait.
There are still counting the ballots in the governor's race but I believe this, I believe tonight our state has taken another step forward and we have elected a forward looking governor and I fully intend to be that governor for the state of Washington. Early elections results Tuesday night showed Inslee slightly ahead in the ballot count.

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