Coloradans Legalize Marijuana, But Fight Isn't Over


By Paul Johnson

Denver, Colorado (CNN) - Colorado voters have approved Amendment 64 to legalize recreational marijuana use -- setting up a showdown with federal authorities.
Amendment 64 will allow adults over 21 years old to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.
And it will let people grow as many as six marijuana plants in private, secure areas.
Backers of the amendment celebrated their triumph at a bar in Denver. "I'm feeling amazing. This is the best day I've seen in my life."
"Obviously it's always nice to be right so, but you know we are really happy and most importantly, it's just wonderful that we're not going to see another 10,000 Coloradans arrested and made criminals in this coming year." Federal law prohibits any marijuana use -- recreational or medicinal.
Colorado's governor is warning that passage of the state amendment doesn't trump federal law.
He said voters have spoken and the state intends to implement it, but it will be a complicated process.
Washington State voters also passed a marijuana legalization measure Tuesday night, but a similar proposal failed in Oregon.

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