Ballot Test Done Ahead Of Tuesday's Election


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) With the election tomorrow, ensuring voting that your ballots are properly counted is a top priority for Twin Falls county officials. Monday afternoon the Twin Falls County Clerk conducted a test of ballot counting machines.

The Clerk's Office used absentee ballots that had already been conducted to do the test. The test was open to the public, media and candidates. County officials hoped the test run would help to ensure things went smoothly on Tuesday.

"We always conduct a public test every election so that candidates, the public, the media, can all come in and see how the machines are working and these will be the same machines we are using to count the ballots," said Kristina Glasscock, Twin Falls County Clerk.

Both machines are optical scan precinct counters. Both of the counters that will be used to count the ballots in Tuesday’s election successfully passed the ballot test.

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