Three Candidates Run For Blaine County Sheriff


By Andrew Reed

Hailey, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Election day is just hours away.

Three candidates are running for the Blaine County Sheriff race.

Steve England, Gene Ramsey, and Larry Clark are all running for Blaine County Sheriff and say they have the experience needed for the position.

"My experience is law enforcement is 15-years. Before that I was a veteran for the U.S. Navy, the 15-years I was the Hailey Police Department. Previous to that I was a sergeant and now a patrol lieutenant” said Steve England, running for Sheriff.

"I've been with the Sheriff office for 34-years and in that 34-years I've done everything in the Sheriff's office and I know the ins and outs. I’m a community voice; I communicate to the county, state, and federal level” said Gene Ramsey, running for Sheriff.

"I've been up in the Valley for ten years; I worked for the Sun Valley Police Department for 4-years, achieved a rank of a corporal and from there I went to Hailey Police Department for about four and half years, I was an investigator for Hailey. A year ago I took over as a Bellevue Marshall, prior to that I spent 20-years in the U.S. Navy I was in Desert Storm and Desert Shield” said Larry Clark, running for Sheriff.

England says, as sheriff he will restore transparency by making sure citizen’s complaints and concerns will be heard.

"I'm willing to get out there, willing to be with the people time and time again. I am out there, I'm a visible leader” said Steve England, running for Sheriff.

Ramsey says, he will continue to develop a professional legacy of teamwork, employee development interagency cooperation and communication.

"I'm the only candidate with the experience to manage a large department. I have demonstrated my financial responsibility both in the budget and the dealings we deal with” said Gene Ramsey, running for Sheriff.

Clark said, as sheriff he will improve communication with all departments and personnel.

"I think I can improve the communications between the Sheriff's department and other law enforcement departments, fire departments, probation, prosecutors so we can work together” said Larry Clark, running for Sheriff.

A heated race that voters decide on Election Day.

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