Four Residents Running For Hailey City Council


By Andrew Reed

Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Election Day is just around the corner and voters will be electing city council members throughout Southern Idaho.

It’s a hot election in the City of Hailey, two seats are open on the council.

Four people are running, two of those are incumbents.

This evening all four candidates attended a forum that allowed citizens to ask questions.

When you drive throughout the City of Hailey, you see campaign signs everywhere.

There are four candidates running for two city council seats.

City Council Member Martha Burke is running for a sixth term.

"There is a lot to be done still and my enthusiasm level is still high. I think the biggest issue were facing is not a very glamour's platform. We need to upgrade our sewer plant, the biosolids are rusting away and to maintain a quality of life to address that we will have to do that through a bond,” said Martha Burke, candidate for seat 1.

Running for his first term Walt Denekas, he is the chief finical officer for Marketron in Hailey.

"The voters should vote for me because the incumbents have been in office for 20-years, I have 35-years experience developing jobs, saving jobs and rebuilding companies. We know how to do it we just need the will to do it," said Walt Denekas, candidate for seat 1.

Also up for re-election president of the city council, Don Kerin is going onto his 13th year of being in office.

"I don't think I'm done yet. We just formed a Urban Renewal Agency which I've been trying to get done for a longtime. I'm the city board member, and I want to get this thing up and running and start getting some benefits from it,” Don Kerin, candidate for seat 2.

Geoffrey Moore is running for his first term. He is the planning and zoning commissioner for the city.

"I'm running because I think I'm ready to serve my citizens and ready to serve Hailey. Our incumbents have been in office for decades. They've done their duty for the city and its time for them to step aside or elect them to the side,” said Geoffrey Moore, candidate for seat 2.

Four residents stepping forward to serve the public.

The election is on November 5th

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