Jerome Mayor: Meet The Candidates


By Joey Martin

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) On Thursday the City of Jerome held a meet the candidate's night for the office of Mayor.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News was there and sat down with all four candidates.

Current mayor John Shine is fighting to retain his position.

But candidates Joe Skaug, Dave Davis and Dale Ross all have different views for where they see the city going.

On November 5th the official decision will be made by the voters in the City of Jerome.

But for now it's up to John Shine, Joe Skaug, Dave Davis and Dale Ross to sway those voters in their direction.

That was the purpose of Thursdays Meet the Candidates Night.

We sat down with all four candidates and asked them the same question...

Where do you see the city of Jerome going under your direction?"

"I’m focused on business growth. I’ve done a lot of work while I’ve been mayor in improving communication with the public… improving the quality of our staff… improving services. I’m going to keep doing that."
Said Candidate John Shine.

"Under my leadership I want to see the city go where the people want to go. And that’s something we’ve kind of deviated from. We need to listen to our citizens better and develop the city in the direction that the citizens want to see it go."
Said Candidate Dale Ross.

"I see open communication, I see the expenditures being cut in the city… mill levy going down and I see economic development becoming the forefront in the city."
Said Candidate Dave Davis.

"I see a bright future for Jerome under my leadership. The aspect I want to work on at first is the changing of the attitude… I want to work with the citizens… I’ve been greatly encouraged by many."
Said candidate Joe Skaug.

But in the end all the candidates are looking to share the same goal…

Making the city of Jerome a better place to live.

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