Jerome spruces up Main Street, "paints the town"


By Jay Michaels

JEROME, ID (KMVT) It doesn't involve plastic surgery, but all this week 12 communities in the Magic Valley are participating in Operation Facelift, where volunteers are cleaning up and tackling projects to improve their communities. Next time you're in the 100 block of West Main Street in Jerome, take a look at the new paint job at the buildings on the south side of the street.

Jerome Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Melone says, "On Monday evening we had 36 people. We had people from the Cub Scouts out here, from Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we had folks out here from church youth groups. And it wasn't just in front of the four buildings behind us by any means. It was throughout all of downtown helping to clean up."

Melone says these buildings have been kind of let go over the last several years, so a fresh coat of paint will help revitalize them and give downtown Jerome some much needed freshness. He hopes that this fairly simple project will have some positive long term results.

He says, "For new businesses who maybe want to relocate to downtown. It's a beautiful area, and we can spruce it up, I think businesses are gonna wanna be attracted to it."

Melone says the repainting project is providing jobs for four painters employed through a temporary agency. Jerome County Fair Manager Kathleen Diederich says repainting downtown Jerome is an exciting project that's taken on a life of its own. She says the community has done a great job so far. Diederich says the painting should be completed this week, with some other cleanup projects that will continue into this fall.

Diederich says, "We're pretty excited about all the people that have jumped in on this project and helped. They've taken pride and ownership of the buildings here in downtown Jerome. And it's not just been John and I, it's been hundreds of people, and businesses have jumped in."

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