Operation Facelift makes it to Mini-Cassia area


By Jay Michaels

RUPERT, ID (KMVT) Operation Facelift continues in 12 Magic Valley cities. Four towns in the Mini-Cassia area joined the "sprucing up" effort. The city of Rupert is very proud of its Historic Square, which features The Gathering Place on the northwest corner of the square. It's in the old Roper's clothing store building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rupert Economic Development Director Sherri Miles says, "We are a Historic District, so we try to keep our buildings more historic, a lot of the businesses really take pride in that."

Miles says Operation Facelift is making true believers of some people who initially said, "you never get anything for free." She says she hopes more business owners take advantage of the free volunteer painting next year, and even team up with them like the woman who owns The Gathering Place.

Miles says, "With our volunteers painting the wood that goes behind the sign, and the business owner paying to put up a new sign, so she's made quite an investment in the project."

Other "fix up and paint up" projects in the Mini-Cassia area include the Becky Ann Café on Ellis Street in Paul, and four businesses which include Donnelly Sports and the Bargain Store on Overland Avenue in Burley. The city of Heyburn will also be repairing the eaves on their Police Department building, which will either be painted or covered with metal siding.

Miles says of Operation Facelift, "I think it's a great thing, we've had a lot of fun doing it. It's nice to have people that are willing to volunteer to help and being able to spruce up your town, so when new people come, we have pride in what we do."

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