TEST Sub-committee formed to tackle bike safety issue


By Benito Baeza


Recently a sub committee was organized out of the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Commission to address bicycle safety. Now the small group of people are coming together and growing.

Several accidents in which bicyclists were severely injured and even killed, prompted the creation of the Twin Falls Bicycle Sub-Committee.

It goal is to design a code that increases the safety for people who use a bicycle around town, because a current code is virtually non existent says committee member Kevin Dane.

Still in a formation mode the committee is collecting members from different parts of the community like the police, school district, and of course the biking community.

It’s also gathering information and looking at other cities and their policies.

Dane says, "To develop some ideas that maybe some other cities used over the last several years, larger cities, to get a bike code or bike safety code to protect people visa versa from motorists and cars and so forth."

Dane says the committee will work through the winter in hopes of coming up with something by the spring of next year; meanwhile distributing information on the importance of bike safety and awareness.

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