Men's Health Month

By Health Day

In honor of "Men's Health Month"- the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a message: as men get older their nutritional focus changes.

For example although active men in their 20's can get away with more, it's still best to swap out chips, soda, and candies in favor of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Heart healthy fish and other protein-rich options like lean meats, eggs, and chicken are also smart choices. The slightly slower metabolism in one's 30's, however, may call for smaller and more frequent meals. While the 40's is the decade where cholesterol-fighting heart-healthy foods should take center stage. Turn to fiber-rich foods such as peas, beans, oats, apples, and citrus fruits alongside bone-boosting options, like fortified milk and cereal.

Men in their 50's should show some love to the cancer-fighting power of antioxidants - naturally found in berries and colorful vegetables.

And as for men 60 and up a need to maintain muscle mass will ideally shift focus towards the low-fat/high-protein properties of foods including salmon, tuna, and once again - beans.

I'm Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV with information that can help keep your family healthy.

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