Finding new uses for old St. Luke's Magic Valley buildings


By Jay Michaels

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT) After St. Luke’s Magic Valley turned over the keys to its old buildings to the Twin Falls County Commissioners, they’re beginning to move ahead on new uses for them.

Magic Valley Paramedics have been operating out of a house on Seventh Avenue and Shoshone Street in Twin Falls for several years now. The Twin Falls County Commissioners signed a lease that will let them stay there, now that St. Luke’s Magic Valley has surrendered this property to the county.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Terry Kramer says, "This extended that lease for up to two years, with options to get out, in case either one of us want to get out of that deal. So Magic Valley Paramedics will remain downtown. That’s a good location for them, and it gives them good quick responses to the majority of the people of Twin Falls County."

Last week the commissioners gave a tour of the basement and the second and third floors on the west end of the old hospital. Kramer says the group that went on the tour is very excited about the condition of the building. He says, "The basement has the receiving docks for the warehouse, and it also has the kitchen. So it has a commercial kitchen that would work will with a residential facility."

Kramer says that group will put some numbers together and get back with the county commissioners. In the meantime, plans are moving forward to see how many of the county services would fit into the east end of the old St. Luke’s Magic Valley. He says, "Hummel Architects are looking at the Medical Office Building portion and the cancer center portion as an expansion for the Twin Falls County services. So we would then move all of our services out there, if that works."

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