Local and regional firefighters help battle out of state blazes


By Jay Michaels

MAGIC VALLEY, ID (KMVT) Experienced firefighters in Southern Idaho haven't been sitting on their hands just waiting for blazes to flare up. Instead, they've been helping fight fires other places in the country.

Nathan Lancaster, Fire Management Officer for the Sawtooth National Forest, says there are fires in, "New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Florida, Georgia. That area there is all burning at this point in time. Just had a new fire, down in Los Alamos is in the news. It burnt about 45 thousand acres just yesterday."

Firefighters and equipment from the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, and local agencies including the Hagerman Fire Protection district have all lent a hand in battling blazes just recently in the American South and Southwest.

Tim Peterson, Hagerman Fire Chief says, "It was a very good learning experience for us, a different fuel type than we normally do in this area. Learned a lot, and it was quite the adventure."

Peterson says he and two other qualified fire fighters from Hagerman went to their base camp in Reserve, New Mexico, where they fought fires in New Mexico and neighboring Arizona. 20 firefighters from the BLM and the Forest Service just got back from helping mop up fires in Georgia.

Firefighter Chase Peterson, "Everybody from the BLM and the Forest Service side of things are ready to help assist with our fire season and get ramped up for the fire season here."

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