Recycling and cleaning up


By Jay Michaels


Ever since we were kids, our parents told us to pick up after ourselves; now that we're grown up, recycling is just one of many ways that we can help clean up.

In October four years ago, the City of Twin Falls started its curbside recycling program. PSI Environmental offered the city that option, along with its regular garbage pickup services.

Utility Services Director Sherry Jeff says, “People were provided a tote, and we have three items that we can recycle, mixed cans, newspaper, and cardboard. And so you can put that out once a week on the day that your trash gets picked up, and you can recycle those items.”

Jeff says all of the waste materials that are recycled don't end up in the landfill. She says it's very expensive to build a new landfill, so recycling some of our typical trash along with things like leaves and Christmas trees, will help save the city money in the long run.

According to Jeff, “This past year in 2008-09, we kept 350 tons out of the landfill with just our curbside program. (How does that compare with previous years?) We were down a little bit this last year, but we're pretty consistent in our years. The year before, we were at 358.”

Jeff says the garbage pickup and curbside recycling contract will be up for renegotiation this year. She says that Twin Falls residents, who recycle, do it consistently.

Jeff also says that people who move here from larger areas - want to see the city expand its recycling program, which will give it room to grow in the future.

Meanwhile, the city of Twin Falls' Wood Waste Recycling Program has also proved to be popular with city residents. The program runs from March through the end of October.

During the first year of the program, a site on Rose Street just north of South Park Avenue was open only a couple of times a month; now it's open once a week.

Twin falls Utility Directory Sherry Jeff says the wood waste program is always busier after a wind storm knocks some trees down. She says an added bonus is that residents can use the resulting wood chips on their own property.

Jeff says information on the program will show up in your Twin Falls City Water Bill and the city's website by the first of next month.

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