Operation Facelift's first year successful in Magic Valley


By Jay Michaels

MAGIC VALLEY, ID (KMVT) A lot of times the hardest part of spring cleaning is just getting started. But once Operation Facelift got under way, there was plenty of excitement and lots of hard work. More than 100 volunteers in a dozen Magic Valley cities of all sizes spruced up their downtowns. The Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization and the Idaho National Laboratory teamed up to provide a thousand dollars each to get the fa├žade improvements started.

Larry Hall, Director of Southern Idaho Rural Development, describes Operation Facelift as, "Just total excitement. They're having such a great time, before, after, when they do these buildings and during. And they're having fun, doing something different, doing something for their community."

All of the more than 40 projects will be judged by representatives from the Idaho Department of Commerce and the INL on July 6th and 7th. Then the most improved project in each of the 12 communities will receive $1,000 in advertising from KMVT.

Jan Rogers, Executive Director of Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO) says, "Over that 2 day period, they will be traveling to each community, reviewing their project improvements, and selecting a winner. And that will happen 12 times."

Rogers says each town was able to choose which project they wanted, as well as raise additional money for it. She says cities will begin planning for Operation Facelift earlier next year, and they may take up to two weeks to complete their projects.

Rogers says, "At the end of the day, every single community will look better. Every single community will have a new look, a new attitude, and hopefully, some new business."

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