Newhouse Receives Racing Grant


By Ngozi Ekeledo

Twin Falls, ID ( KMVT - TV / KTWT - TV ) The Women's Sports Foundation is celebrating is 40th anniversary this year, and one new grant has brought some congrats to Hannah Newhouse.

"I was one of the only NASCAR affiliated racers along with being the youngest in stock car racing selected for this program,” Newhouse said. “So I'm really excited to get to work with them."

Newhouse joins seven other young female drivers from across the globe as part of the Women in the Winners Circle Project Podium 2014 grant class.

""Hannah was very impressive,” said former WSF president, Lyn. St. James. “We just saw a lot of talent, a lot of ability, a lot of poise and a lot of potential so we're excited about following her career."

St. James understands the challenges these female drivers face because she far exceeded them.

Now, the seven–time Indy 500 and winning sports car racer is aiming to give back.

"I'm delighted to be able to bring [this to] these young drivers that are receiving our grants,” she said. “It will help provide leadership opportunities for them to grow outside of the race car as well as inside of the race car.''

The $45,000 grant will be split amongst the eight recipients, meaning that Newhouse can breathe easier when it comes to racing costs.

"The higher and higher you get in the ranks, of course, the more expensive it is,” she said. “

“So for anyone to call you up and say, ‘it's not much, it's not going to pay for entire year, but here is some help,’ that is definitely a little bit of stress going [as] that's one less person who I have to depend on."

Newhouse and St. James both realize that this opportunity provides a very important message for female racers: paying it forward.

"I know that it will help grow the sport, and it will provide an opportunity for these young females to really realize their potential and fulfill their dreams,” St. James said.

Newhouse was more adamant.

"I figure if I'm going to make this a success, it's going to be so the next girl behind me has that much better of a shot so make it, so she doesn't have to go through all of the challenges and all of the 100 no's for every one yes that you get."

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