Thousands Set To Race In The Spudman


By Nikki Kay

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV) The sport of triathlon is trending across the United States.

Its because people everywhere are embracing the ultimate athletic challenge and now triathletes are taking the Magic Valley by storm.

The 2014 Spudman Triathlon will be making a splash in Burley on Saturday. It's a race 28 years in the making.

Scott Bluxham, the race–founder says, "Ron Ploger who was the city recreation director and I were looking for a fundraiser for the Lions Club and we put the race together and found a great course and have been doing it ever since."

In 1986, they brought triathlon to a landlocked state with little following for the sport.

"We had one in Sun Valley and one in Boise that were going at that time."

And now?

"It's become a lead event for the city," adds Bluxham.

"The Spudman offering its own fun flavor...We've had some very elite athletes come but we try to keep it fun for the families and a nice open event."

It boasts the motto: "world's fastest swim, the swim portion of the race goes downstream so a 4mph current makes a big difference."

Triathlons attracting a community of athletes and reflecting the beauty of Burley.

Race Director Cade Richman explains, "just the overall feel of coming to a nice country setting and the feeling of being in Idaho and out of the city is just a really nice feel to it."

This is why now, at 2,000 participants the Spudman has reached capacity.

"That's what we notice the most... Is that people come back multiple times and you get friendly with the participants because you see them over and over and over again and then they bring their friends."

The race kicks off Saturday at 7 a.m. Proceeds are used to support local charities through the Burley Lions Club.

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