Local Teens Fill "Need For Speed" With Drag Racing


By Ngozi Ekeledo

Twin Falls, ID -- ( KMVT - TV / KTWT - TV ) Drag racing is a technical sport not just reserved for a Friday night joy ride challenge.

It's quick, and only last a few seconds, but the first person to cross the finish line isn't necessarily the winner.

"If you're late on the tree and somebody has a better light, you can still get there first but you'd lose because they have the better light," said 2012 Pro champion, Celsey Kidd.

What are these extra elements you mix in?

"You have two sets of prestige bulbs, two sets of stage bulbs and then you have three yellow bulbs and a green bulb and then you have a red bulb also,” Kidd said.

“Depending on your car, you leave on one of the three yellow bulbs and then you try to get the best reaction time. A perfect light is .000 and you wanna get as close to that as you can.''

Two local ladies have come close to mastering the art of this sport.

"I was probably about 6.4 seconds at an eighth of a mile," said drag racer Madison Eden.

"My first weekend that I ever raced, I actually won," Kidd said with a chuckle.

Celsey Kidd and Madison Eden have dominated at the High Desert Speedway in Gooding and in different types of cars.

Kidd graduated from the juniors to her street car while Eden races in a super pro car. Both competitors have helped each other along the way.

"She just helps me with ending the finish line and getting a closer race," Eden said about her 18-year-old track mate.

The feeling was mutual.

“She's a great driver, and I'm really proud of her," Kidd said.

Banding together has helped them fight certain stigmas that still exist.

" Being a female driver, it's especially hard because all the guys are like, 'they're not going to do anything. They're just girls,’” Kidd said.
“So you really have to make a name for yourself, and, well so far we've done pretty good at it."

They hope to remain consistent in their results and in their love for the sport.

"I love the adrenaline rush," Kidd said with a smile.

Eden was even more optimistic.

"I’'d like to keep going through it and race all the way through college and more."

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