Girls Tennis Athlete Of The Season: Haley Cutler


By Brittany Cooper

Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Well Haley Cutler isn't your typical multi-sport athlete. She excels at skiing and in tennis.

She did Wood River High proud this season by bringing home a district and state championship in mixed doubles tennis.

This spring we are honoring her as your Girls Tennis Athlete of the Season.

Meet Haley Cutler.

A dual sport athlete who speeds on the slopes and slams on the court.

"Haley has tremendous talent.she's a very smart player and her strengths are her competitiveness and shes a very very smart player," explains Carlos Menza, Wood River High School Tennis Coach.

Haley Cutler, Girls Tennis Athlete of the Season says, "the mental part of everything is just keep calm, go out there and do everything like you know how to."

In an incredibly mental game, what does coach say to center his pupil?

"One of the things I say to here is let it go, move on to the next point, get refocused, just get your a game going," adds Menza.

Having played the game for ten years, Haley knows how to get her game face on.

"We have this word we say, it's turn up, so when I hear that it's like here we go, pump up ya know?"

Finishing 2014 with 2 championships, when did she have to turn up?

Cutler adds, "in the state championship match, we won the first, lost the second, and then we were tied at 3 all and that's when we both looked at each other like turn up, here we go!"

From there its history. Win the next two games and take home the state championship. Whether she's tearing down a mountain or hitting balls, whats on her pump up playlist?

"Just like the really hard beats like Sail."

No matter what division she plays in, her tennis family is happy to have her back.

"I mean first thing is she's just an awesome individual. She's one of the friendliest players she gets along with everyone. She leads by example she's just a very hard worker and is just very focused," adds Menza.

Congratulations Haley Cutler, your 2014 Girls Athlete of the Season.

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