State Legislature 2017

Idaho Senate backs so-called 'abortion reversal' bill

Anti-Sharia law bill headed to Idaho Senate

New health care bill allows non-ACA plans, targets Medicaid

Idaho House spikes federal nullification bill

House panel spikes change to Idaho agency appointments

House panel raise concerns surrounding sex-education bill

Anti-Sharia law bill advances to Idaho House

Idaho lawmakers confirm new tax commissioner

Panel votes 'No' to Tobacco 21 bill

State crime lab head says kit testing is progressing

Idaho lawmakers advance federal nullification bill

Bill would create fraud and abuse investigator in Idaho

Idaho lawmakers introduce 2 new tax cut plans

Idaho panel advances so-called 'abortion reversal' bill

House GOP members pitch alternatives to popular proposals

Idaho lawmakers introduce bill that will allow car booting

New bill would loosen Idaho's permitless concealed carry law

Idaho House panel introduces victims' rights amendment

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