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Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 42nd Annual Meeting

Event Dates and Times

7 pm
Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services, 484 Eastland Drive South, Twin Falls, Id
MVRS will be holding its' 42nd Annual Meeting September 30th. The agenda includes a summary of the activities of the agency during 2014-2015, and the annual presentation of awards to the Employer of the Year, the Program Participant of the year, the Employee of the Year, the Advocate of the Year, the Contract Business of the Year, and the Plant Safety Award winners. The Board of Directors for the upcoming year will also be elected. The meeting, which is open to the public, is an opportunity for people to learn what MVRS programs and services are doing to give People With Abilities the skills to more fully participate in employment and community life.
John Bodden, 208-734-4112

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Senior & Caregiver Resource Fair

Event Dates and Times

4/5/2017 - Starts: 10:00 AM - Ends: 3:00 PM
Syringa Place Assisted Living, 1880 Harrison Street N. Twin Falls, ID
Vendors will provide informational materials, resources, insurance, safety and investment ideas for senior and caregivers. This event is free and open to the public.

Connie Campbell 208-308-4751

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Law & Ethics Seminar -ETHICS IN ACTION

Event Dates and Times

4/4/2017 - Starts: 10:00 AM - Ends: 2:30 PM
Idaho Pizza 1859 Kimberly Road, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Ethics in Action Meet DOI's Ethics /Insurance Law Requirements
4 continuing Education Credits on Ethics will be provided
Instructor: Joseph L. Morton III Attorney at Law Intermountain Legal Group
Cost $45 for Non-Members of NAIFA $30.00 for Members
NAIFA Southern Idaho - Steve Moore (Executive Secretary)
(208) 595-3088 (208) 404-9369 or exec@naifasoid.org

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Twin Falls Finally Home! Homebuyer Education Class

Event Dates and Times

3/21/2017 - Starts: 6:00 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
3/28/2017 - Starts: 6:00 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
College of Southern Idaho
"Finally Home!® Homebuyer Education can help you navigate the home-buying process, find the right lender, avoid costly mistakes, get a better interest rate, and may even help you qualify for down payment assistance. To date, nearly 65,000 Idahoans have benefited from attendance. Finally Home! is a program of Idaho Housing and Finance Association. Twin Falls classes are hosted by the College of Southern Idaho (208.732.6442). Preregistration is required at: www.finallyhomeidaho.com.
Mar 21&28, Tuesdays @ 6-8:30pm

Attendance at both classes is required to certify completion.
College of Southern Idaho

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Magic Valley Keynote Luncheon - Creating Quality Places Where People Want to Live, Work, and Play

Event Dates and Times

Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center, 330 Canyon Crest Dr, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Join Peter Kageyama for an in-depth exploration of the importance of building great places that we care about. Learn how small things can be key to attracting and retaining a dynamic workforce and how smaller communities need to find their most authentic elements and promote those strengths. Kageyama is an internationally sought-after community development consultant and grassroots engagement strategist who speaks all over the world about bottom-up community development and the amazing people who are making change happen.
Leslie Perkins - 208-331-4743

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