Police still searching for vehicle involved in car surfing

The investigation remains ongoing and they still need your help with finding other parties involved.

Jerome commissioners wait on ICE decision

Jerome commissioners said they have to wait to make a decision on the ICE contract with the jail until they receive a formal contract, but waiting hasn't been easy.

Veterans park in Kimberly needs donations

Thanks to gusty winds the flags must be replaced every couple of months.

Algae Bloom forces health advisory

Thorn Creek Reservoir is experiencing a hazardous algae bloom.

Social media becomes additional distraction to drivers

Drivers say they are concerned about those around them and how unsafe roads have become.

Crews close in on Lagoon Fire

The fire is over 700 acres and burns near structures, but crews believe they will be able to keep the buildings from catching fire.

Martin Canyon Fire update

Crews continue to battle the fire near Bellevue, it is expected to be contained by 6 p.m. Wednesday.


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