A Snow Maker On The Way


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On Friday the high temperature in Twin Falls was 49 degrees. On Saturday it was 52! Even Sunday wasn't bad, although it was breezy, with a high of 46. If you're anything like me this question may have creeped into your head - "Is winter finally over?!" 


Well I hate to break it to you but the answer is no and here's why.


We have a low pressure system to our west that will drop south into California and swing east:




The last time this happened was earlier this month on the 8th and 9th and we got close to four inches of snow in Twin Falls. The system that will be coming in for Tuesday and Wednesday will be a bit different in the fact that it will most likely be taking a more southerly path than the last system. Due to that fact I don't expect quite as much snow this time around but I do think upwards of three inches is possible in Twin Falls through Wednesday.  As of now (Monday at noon) the NWS has not issued any advisorires but that may change as the event gets closer. 


We expect the snow chances to start up Tuesday afternoon and last through the day Wednesday. This system will also make it breezy on Wednesday with sustained westerly wind between 15-20 mph. 


We'll get a bit of a lull before the next system (circled in red) moves in from the Pacific and puts more chances for snow in the Thursday forecast. 



The bottom line is.. it's still winter and we got spoiled last week.


Meteorologist, Nick Kosir
KMVT and FOX 14





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