A Very Cold Start To The New Year


By Brandon Redmond

If you woke up thinking it was cold this morning, well there's a good reason for that! It was one of the coldest nights that we have seen across Southern Idaho in months! Low temperatures last night bottomed out below zero in several locations. Here in Twin Falls we dropped down to 0 but Burley stole the show with a low temperature this morning of -8!


A strong inversion (which means moisture and cold air is trapped at the surface) continues to plague much of the Magic Valley this afternoon. That means that temperatures are struggling to warm up. In fact Burley was below 0 up until Noon today!

A high pressure will remain in control of our weather for the next several days. As the jet stream slowly slides to our East, the coldest air will also move with it to the East. On Wednesday, FutureCaster shows quiet weather across all of Idaho. A storm system off the Pacific Northwest Coast will have no impact on our weather.

That weather system won't impact us because of the way the jetstream is aligned.

With the Jetstream ridged well to our North, we will be precipitation and storm free for the next several days. In fact it doens't look like we will see any chances for snow or rain until sometime next week. Temperatures should continue to moderate and will likely climb into the lower to middle 30's by Friday.

Have a great New Year everyone! Brandon

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