Confessions Of A Morning Meteorologist!


By KMVT News

I'll be honest - there isn't a whole lot going on weather wise this week. There will be scattered snow around through Wednesday and then we see sunny skies and seasonally warm temperatures through the weekend. So, I figured I'd take some time to answer questions I get asked often while I'm out and about. I'm calling this:




(You have to imagine Morgan Freeman read that with a cool echo effect on his voice.)


What time do you wake up in the morning? 3 a.m. No, seriously - 3 a.m. When does my brain wake up? About 8 a.m.


Do you ever get used to waking up at 3 a.m.? No, sometimes I think it gets progressively harder. But the viewers and the Rise and Shine crew make waking up worth it everyday! That, and the free coffee we get at the station.


What is it like working with your wife? I actually like it. We met at work and I've worked with her at every TV station I've been employed at. Plus, she always makes sure I have my lunch..


How do you like the Magic Valley? This is - hands down - the most beautiful place I've ever lived. The people are great and there is little to no traffic, gotta love that!


It seems like the canyon effects our weather, does it? Yes - it can. If a storm is moving from north to south and it crosses over the canyon the wind that is driving that storm dives into the canyon. That results in the storm "losing its steam" so to speak. So, the storm won't be as powerful on the south side of the canyon. That's why sometimes it will be raining or snowing in Jerome but not in Twin Falls and vice versa. 


How did you become a meteorologist? I got my meteorology degree by doing a three year online program at Mississippi State University. It was very difficult. At one point I had a full-time job, a newborn baby, was training for a half-marathon and taking a full load of courses including "Thermodynamics." Now that I have graduated, the most multi-taking you'll see me do is sit on the couch, watch football and eat chips all while ignoring my "honey-do" list. 


When you make your forecast you just go to the National Weather Service website and repeat what they say right? No -  forecasting the weather involves looking at many charts, graphs and models. Models are computer programs that simulate what data shows the weather will do. Most meteorologists compare three or four models to see if they are coming to a general consensus about an upcoming weather pattern or system. I do check the National Weather Service's website but usually it's after I make my forecast just to compare my forecast to theirs. 


What do you do when you're off the air? For about two hours before the show I put my forecast together and make my weather graphics for the upcoming show. After the show I update the weather portion of, I log temperatures and weather data in my "weather journal," I create graphics for the next day's show, go to meetings, edit footage for any stories I'm doing and by around 11 a.m. I start tweaking my forecast and graphics for the noon show. Also, I can be found quoting everything Will Ferrell has ever said with our production guy Matt Hartgrave or pulling an office prank on our National Sales Manager Patty Murray. 


How does your wife put up with you? No idea, but I'm pretty sure one day she'll have a holiday named in her honor.. either that or a donut. 


And this concludes..




If I didn't answer something you've ever been curious about email me!


Or if you see Danielle and I around town by all means just stop us and ask - we love talking to people in the community!


I hope next week there is more going on in the weather world so I can actually write about something exciting. (ZING! Take that me!) Until then, have a great week!


Meteorologist, Nick Kosir
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