It Has Been COLD!


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First of all, this cold snap is due to a strong inversion that is in place now and will most likely stick around through the weekend. If you don't know what an inversion is Chief Meteorologist Brian Neudorff did a great blog post about it yesterday. Give it a quick read:


Ok, now that you know what an inversion is let's get down to business. It has been cold.. REALLY cold. Here's the proof. This is a graphic for Wednesday, January 2nd.:



All three cities are below normal highs by at least 20 degrees! 


Low temperatures are even more scary to look at. This is a chart of the hour by hour observations taken at Joslin Field Airport in southern Twin Falls County last night (January 2nd) into this morning (January 3rd). 



Yesterday evening (January 2nd) temperatures stayed below zero from 6 pm until midnight, and then after midnight (January 3rd) the highest the temperature ever got was two degrees. That's actually a walk in the park compared to what Burley saw:



Temperatures were below zero from roughly 7 p.m. until roughly 8 a.m and got as low as -13 between 4-5 a.m. The coldest place in the viewing area? Fairfield where the low hit -19 this morning. 

As Johnny Carson would say, "It is so cold chickens are mugging sheep just to get wool for sweaters."

On a serious note, it looks like this inversion will stick around through the weekend so we can expect temperatures to be well below normal into next week. Just a few things to keep in mind during this cold snap:


1. Frostbite/Hypothermia begins in under thirty minutes

2. Dress in Layers if outside

3. Put extra blankets in your vehicle in case you break down.

4. Make sure pets & Livestock are safe (including available food and water sources)

5. Check on the elderly & those without heat


Stay warm and stay safe!


Meteorologist, Nick Kosir

KMVT and FOX 14






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