Spring Makes a Come Back


By Brian Neudorff

Written by: Chief Meteorologist Brian Neudorff


        Since April 13, we have averaged nearly 6 degrees below average. We have had chilly temperatures, areas of snow, and strong gusty winds. This weather had many asking, "Where is Spring?" 

       The season on spring is a very volatile, we have stubborn cold air of winter trying to hold on as the warmth of summer tries to move north. Spring tends to be more active and have more ups and downs than even autumn. This is because colder air is heavier than warmer air so it is harder to move out. That is why it seems like spring has a hard time getting started than say autumn. That is also a reason that there are such severe storms during the spring than even during the summer. 

       There is finally some good news for us here across Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, we are going to see a very nice warm up by the end of the week and into the weekend. By Friday and Saturday across the Magic Valley temperatures will be in the 70s and even mid 70s by Saturday. For the mountains it is just as nice as highs reach the upper 60s, just shy of 70. 


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