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With Thanksgiving only a few days away most people are planning on doing some traveling this week. So I figured I'd break down the weather for each day of the week so you know what to expect before you head out.


Today: Although things will be damp from the rain this weekend today will be a great travel day. There is no rain or snow expected throughout most of the viewing area. The only exception is the Wood River Region where a rain/snow mix is possible later this evening. If you're headed east towards Pocatello you won't see any precipitation. If your headed towards Boise you may run into rain this evening.


Tuesday: If you're traveling Tuesday the sooner you get on the road the better. Models have chances for light rain in the forecast by 11 a.m. Those chances stick around through most of the day. There are only slight chances for rain and I think most of the viewing area stays dry - but if you really don't like driving in rain the sooner you leave the better. You'll have to watch out for the Wood River Region as heavy rain is expected with the snow level at 7000-8000 feet. If you're heading towards Pocatello it will be a dry commute. If you're heading towards Boise chances for rain increase.  


Wednesday: This is the busiest travel day of the year and unfortunately this will be the day with the best chances for rain. All of the models have at least a slight chance for rain in the viewing area. The Wood River Region will continue to see rain and the snow level will be lower at between 6000-7000 feet. If you're heading toward Pocatello there will be slight chances for rain. If you're headed toward Boise you will most likely see rain. Another travel concern is that Wednesday looks windy. Below is what our Futurecaster is showing for Wednesday at noon:





Sustained winds out of the SW between 10-20 mph. This could make north and south travel tricky for high-profile vehicles. 


Thanksgiving Day: Looks great! No chances for rain or snow in the viewing area and Pocatello as well as Boise will be dry. You are free to move about the country.


Black Friday: Another dry day. No chances for rain or snow in the viewing area and Pocatello looks dry. There is a slight chance for evening showers towards Boise but that may be a stretch. 


Saturday: Another good driving day. Could see some late day showers though.


Sunday: The next system is in and there are slight chances for rain showers all across Southern Idaho.


I hope this helps! Have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving everyone!


Meteorologist, Nick Kosir
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