We Need Your Help! Send Us Your Reports!


By Brandon Redmond

As the snow storm continues tonight and into the day on Saturday, we need your help! Snowfall amounts often vary across the region and therefore the more snow amount reports we have, the better we are able to tell what is happening and what happened across Southern Idaho.


Accurate snowfall amount reports are equally important. Here's some suggested information on how to accurately measure snowfall.


Find a location where the snow appears to be near its average depth. Avoid drifts or valleys. Look for a flat, somewhat open area away from buildings and trees. Some trees in the distance may be helpful in making a wind break, preventing drifting, and thus providing for a more even distribution of the snow.


Measure the depth with the snow measuring stick ("the common household ruler") at several locations and use an average. Traditionally ten measurements are made and the average value is the snow depth. 

As always your pictures and reports are always appreciated! Feel free to email them to us at Weather@KMVT.com. Send us any pictures, reports along with where you live and your name!


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