What Are The Chances Of A White Christmas?


By Brandon Redmond

It's only 16 days until Christmas and so far, well we haven't had much luck with accumulating snow. The million dollar question is will we see a White Christmas here in the Magic Valley?

Here in the Magic Valley and across most of Southern Idaho, we statistically have a 26 - 40% chance of experiencing a White Christmas. A White Christmas is defined as 1″ of snow on the ground on Christmas Day – not necessarily snow fall on Christmas Day, but snow cover. 

The pattern over the next several weeks continues to look more favorable for colder temperatures and increased chances of snow.

A Northwest flow type weather pattern the next couple of weeks keeps much of Idaho and the Northwestern United States entrenched in below normal temperatures with periodic chances for precipitation, likely snow.

One of our long range forecast models is showing the Northwest flow pattern continuing through Christmas with several potential weather systems impacting the Magic Valley up until the week of Christmas.

All of our forecast models are showing a good chance of snow on the ground across most of Idaho including the potential for several inches of snow on the ground across Southern Idaho.

Our long range forecast ensembles (there are 4) are also all showing the potential for snow on the ground here in Southern Idaho.

So the moral of the story, even though we are still 16 days out, I'm feeling pretty good about our chances for at least a little bit of snow on the ground on Christmas Day! Hope everyone has a great week - Brandon

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