Winter Weather Forecast


By Brandon Redmond

Southern Idaho (KMVT-TV) "The big players for this winter are going to be El Nino or the lack thereof. It's going to be kind of a more neutral out in the Pacific," said KMVT Chief Meteorologist Brian Neudorff.

As forecasters, one of the key factors we look at in deterring long range weather outlooks are the temperatures just off the coast of Peru in the Eastern Pacific. Those temperatures are an important factor in determining the upcoming weather pattern.

"That's gonna also help shift unlike the summer we had a large area of high pressure over the Western part of the United States, it's going to shift up into Alaska and that could allow for colder temperatures to work their way into the Pacific Northwest throughout the Winter," said Brian Neudorff.

Because of those factors your weather authority forecast team is predicting cooler than average temperatures across the Pacific Northwest. The eastern half of the country should see warmer than normal temperatures. As far as rain and snow goes, we think we will see a normal year with an increased risk of storms impacting southern Idaho during November and December.

"Now just keep in mind, this is a forecast and just because we're calling for colder than average temperatures this winter and even average precipitation, doesn't mean we're not going to see those periods where temperatures could be a little bit above average and we have a few dry streaks throughout the Winter," said Brian Neudorff.

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