California to ban publicly funded travel to Idaho

The state of California is taking a stance against Idaho's new laws.
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Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 1:44 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT) - California announced Monday it will no longer allow publicly funded travel to Idaho.

This comes as a result of Idaho’s recently passed anti-transgender laws.

Attorney general Xavier Becerra added Idaho to a list of 11 other states where state-funded travel isn’t allowed because he determined that they violate a California law.

This could result in the state’s public universities not being able to send athletes, students, or debate teams to the Gem State.

House Minority Leader Representative Ilana Rubel/(D-Boise) expressed her thoughts.

“It was extremely foreseeable that Idaho’s new anti-transgender laws would create a cascading financial disaster for our state,” Rep. Rubel said.


We reached out to Idaho’s public universities that could be affected, due to conference opponents hailing from the Golden State.

Joe Nickel of Boise State said, “we are evaluating the potential impacts of the travel ban.”

“We do not yet know what the impact will be, as it depends upon how the California schools on our schedule respond,” Steve Schaak of Idaho State added. “We will work with our partners and colleagues and try to address the circumstances in the best way we can, keeping focused on our student athletes.”

Idaho spokesperson Joe St. Pierre said, “it is still too early to tell. We will continue to watch this to see how it will impact athletics.”

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