Experts explain how to maintain healthy habits acquired during the pandemic

People have been sleeping and exercising more during the coronavirus pandemic
Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 5:52 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - When thinking about the coronavirus, it’s hard to think of anything good. In a world that seems always on the go... Some did say, it forced them to slow down.

Mildred Azucena Gaitan-Gonzalez, who is a clinical social worker and behavior health therapist says heading back to the way things were, might be difficult.

“Going back to work full-time is hard, people are starting to feel tired,” Gaitan-Gonzalez said. “You’re not used to going back to work every day, we got used to staying at home. So, if people have acquired new healthy habits it’s important to maintain those routines like good sleep and exercise.”

Shawnee Kyle, is the owner of Float Magic, which is a rest and recovery spa set to open in November in Twin Falls. She believes people now have realized how important self-care is.

“I think where people really tend to neglect themselves is the rest piece. Before we can perform, we have to recover. Before we can truly go out there and give our best, we have to have our good rest in place.”

Now, pedaling through Idaho’s great outdoors was a great way for many to social distance. The Bull Moose Bicycles store has been in a major uptick in bike sales, during the pandemic. That’s evidence that locals have been out in nature and exercising, more than usual.

“I think people are starting to realize that there is more to do than just sit in their living room,” said Chris Cathraw, who is the co-owner of Bull Moose Bicycles. “Now, that they have all this free time with their families, they’re going outside and doing things and realizing, you can ride your bike like you used to… you can ride around town, take the whole family out and make it an evening thing.”

“For me cycling is more therapeutic and I do it to show things down and see the world around me,” expressed Nate Rioux, who is also the co-owner of Bull Moose Bicycles.

In order to keep these healthy habits; behavioral health therapist, Mildred Gonzales, suggests you schedule it in.

“Whether it’s before work or after work or lunch hour, depending what your schedule allows. It is very important that you maintain the routine and do not give up that time for something else.”

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