River search efforts continues for missing Twin Falls man

Austin Carey has been missing for a week
Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 6:06 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The search continues at Pillar Falls for Austin Carey, a well known base jumper in Twin Falls.

Thursday, the Jerome County Sheriff’s office let KMVT see what goes into the search.

Putting you first, we want you to realize this is delicate information, as a family grieves for their loved one.

The Jerome County Sheriff’s Office, as well as search and rescue teams from Twin Falls have been working long hours and days, in hopes of helping find closure for a man that went missing days ago.

Sheriff George Oppedyk says recovery efforts have not been successful in the main channel of the Snake River.

“Since we started Thursday night, we just continuously mapped this whole thing with the sonar, and we feel pretty confident that he is not in here,” Oppedyk said.

That led the sheriff’s office to focus on the falls, where the river current makes it dangerous for rescue teams.

The Bureau of Reclamation was able to help efforts by lowering water levels significantly.

However, there are area is simply too risky and safety is the sheriff’s number one priority.

“Just looking at throughout the thing you can see all the little tunnels that have been born in there because of the water pressure,” he said. “If it looks like that up top, I’m sure underneath it’s probably even worse.”

The sheriff says in past drownings, the current of the water will force people into the cove.

They will continue to do everything they can in hopes of giving the family closure.

Both the Jerome County and Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Twin Falls Search and Rescue have all been working at the scene.

Thursday is day seven of the recovery effort.

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