Idaho State Police add extra patrols for Fourth of July weekend

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 5:54 PM MDT
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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -According to the Office of Highway Safety, during Fourth of July last year, 36 crashes occurred due to a drunken and or drugged driver resulting in 46 injuries and 4 deaths in Idaho. Putting you first KMVT finds out how the Idaho State Police plan to combat impaired driving this holiday.

From now until July 7, extra Idaho State Police patrols will be out looking for impaired drivers. ISP said the fourth of July weekend is statistically the largest weekend for alcohol consumption in the United States, thus increasing the risk of impaired driving.

“We have such a passion for the mission of keeping everyone’s family safe, that it is a worthy sacrifice, we are absolutely willing to do that, because we want to make your holiday experience memorable for the right reasons, and not because a tragedy occurred,” said Sergeant Michael Wendler.

Sergent Wendler says some of the most dangerous impaired drivers are those who claim they are just buzzed.

“They tend to be overconfident in their driving abilities and they are in actuality eight to ten times more likely to be involved in a crash then the everyday driver.”

Impaired driving is not the only concern. Distracted driving is also a killer on Idaho roadways, and a Twin Falls man says he is more worried about people being on their cell phones then driving drunk.

“Yeah I would venture to say there is far more danger with cell phones then drunken driving, is my observation.” Said Tony Mayer.

ISP says they can’t be everywhere all the time, so they encourage the public to get involved in decreasing the risk of deadly accidents. “There is always so many places we can look, because there is so many of us on the road, but as citizens, there are all kinds of people out on the road all the time, and you get used to what you see as normal and then you see something that is abnormal, someone that is swerving someone that is driving slower than the speed limit.” Wendler said.

ISP said they want every Idahoan to plan ahead before getting behind the wheel this independence day, and if you see an impaired driver call in at *477.

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