Lawyers present cases in transgender athlete lawsuit

Lawyers in the Hecox vs. Little case presented arguments in U.S. District court
Published: Jul. 23, 2020 at 12:10 AM MDT
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BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Idaho became the first state in the nation to prevent transgender girls and women from competing in female sports..

Now all eyes on Boise Wednesday, as the House Bill 500 lawsuit takes center stage.

Lawyers in the Hecox vs. Little case presented arguments in U.S. District court.

This is video provided by the ACLU of Idaho showing supporters walking to the courtroom.

The ACLU and Cooley LLP are defending Lindsay Hecox and Jane Doe (student at Boise High School), while the Alliance Defending Freedom represents the two Idaho State University athletes who seek to intervene in the lawsuit.

The judge considering three motions, first to dismiss the case.

Secondly, whether to allow ISU athletes, Madison Kenyon and Filer High School graduate Mary Marshall to get involved.

And thirdly, if Hecox, an incoming sophomore at Boise State and transgender runner, be allowed to try out for the Broncos cross country team. Hecox would be able to do so, if the judge orders a preliminary injunction.

“We fully expect the legislature will come back in 2021 full of as much hate as it went into 2020 with and we’ve seen this bills bring us together and we are in an historic moment and we are seeing we’re on the right side of that and we are seeing these folks in court on the wrong side of that court, but the time to come together has not ended yet,” explained Ritchie Eppink of the ACLU.

Hecox added, “I give all my love and sympathy towards any other transgender people who has not come out and was looking at this case and oh shoot, well this is another reason I can’t come out.” She explained, “well I am fighting for your right to do this and hopefully you’ll feel safer after.”

“I am standing up because this is the best way to fight for women and to protect and keep a fair and equal playing field,” added Marshall.

Christiana Holcomb, legal counsel for ADF said, “and what we want to do is simply ensure the promises of Title IX are delivered to young women.”

The judge provisionally allowed ADF to argue on behalf of the ISU athletes, but the judge is taking everything into advisement and plans to have a decision by or before August 10. That’s also the official start date for high school fall sports and before the BSU tryouts.

No other hearings have been scheduled.

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