Heyburn citizens continue campaign towards mayor recall

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 7:44 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -The Heyburn Citizens Committee has gained enough signatures and are currently waiting for approval in order to have the potential to recall their city mayor come the November election.

KMVT got reaction from both the committee and they city mayor.

You may remember when the group known as the Heyburn Citizens Committee shared with us their concerns with their mayor Mark Rosa. Describing his leadership as somewhat of a dictatorship. The committee has concerns over his choice to not delegate the responsibility of hiring and firing employees to the city administrator, also feeling that mayor Rosa has created a hostile environment with council members and city employees.

“This is just a way of trying to take the vote of the people away, I won I was elected and the other group isn’t happy about that,” said Mayor Mark Rosa.

In order to gain the potential for a mayor recall, the committee had to collect 230 signatures to have it on the ballot. They tell us they greatly exceeded that amount of required signatures, and currently those signatures are being reviewed by the city for approval.

“The response that we have received from the community has been phenomenal, I have had a few doors where I have walked up I knocked on the door and they are like yes I will sign,” said Heather Petersen with the Heyburn Citizens Committee.

If all the signatures are approved, then mayor Rosa will be notified, and he will be given five days to choose if he would like to resign or stick it out till the November election.

“No I will not resign. I was voted into the office by the citizens of Heyburn and I feel that if we are going to have another vote, everybody gets to vote again,” Mayor Rosa said.

If he chooses to not resign, the Citizens Committee said they will continue to campaign for his recall in the November election.

“I think that it is a reminder for citizens that not just to elect an official but to stay in touch with those officials, you may think they know what is right, but if they do not hear from their community how are they going to know which direction you actually want them to go,” Petersen said.

In the meantime, Mayor Rosa has a message for the citizens of Heyburn.

“I would like to say that I would like to have a chance to do my job I would like to have the full authority that every other mayor has had, and I’d like to not have the distractions that I have had since I have been in office,” said Rosa.

KMVT will continue to follow this story.

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