People looking to move to the Twin Falls County having a hard time finding a house

With many people looking to move to Twin Falls County, the houses are flying off the market.
Published: Aug. 21, 2020 at 6:25 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - All around Twin Falls County, people are looking to buy houses, but Jaci Walker from Keller Williams says the demand is greater than the supply.

It’s a common sight in Twin Falls County, ‘For Sale’ signs posted on front lawns.

“We are seeing a large influx of out of state buyers we are also seeing a lot of people that are locals taking advantage of the equity in their homes because it’s such a strong sellers’ market right now,” said Jaci Walker, who is a realtor with Keller Williams.

Many are looking at homes in surrounding areas, such as Filer, Kimberly, Buhl, or Murtaugh, which is causing there to be more demand than there is supply.

“We’re seeing really low inventory, hardly any houses on the market for sale, and lots of people wanting to buy in those areas, especially our out of state buyers,” Walker said. “Our out of state buyers come and they want more than a half an acre, or an acre, so they have to buy outside of those city limits, and there just isn’t a lot of houses out there for sale.”

The Twin Falls County Commissioners are working to update their comprehensive plan, so the county grows at a conservative pace.

“I’m really grateful that right now we are in the second half of developing the comprehensive plan for Twin Falls County, because that’s about land use and it’s about where and how we want to grow as a county,” said Brent Reinke, one of the County Commissioners.

Walker tells KMVT why the Magic Valley is such a desirable place to live.

“Some people are moving to retire, some people are moving for job opportunities, some people were born and raised here and now live in a larger city like Seattle, but now with COVID, they don’t have to go to their office anymore, so they are moving back home to be with their family, they are moving back to Idaho,” said Walker.

Walker sees houses flying off the market.

“Houses, I would say below $200,000 are moving very very quickly with multiple offers, so you’ve got a handful of buyers and only one house to sell, an average time for a house in that time frame in 3 to 5 days,” said Walker.

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