Caught on camera: Elk bugles in Yellowstone National Park

The annual mating season, or rut, generally occurs between early September and mid-October
Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 11:48 AM MDT
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MAMMOTH, Wyo. (CNN) — A traveler to Yellowstone National Park captured video of an elk bugling during the annual mating season.

The video was taken Friday. The person who took the video said, “A bull was trying to rest, when heheard others bugle from across the hill and he had to keep a close eye on the ladies up close and personal.”

Yellowstone National Park says the elk mating season, aka rut, generally occurs between early September through mid-October.

“Elk gather in mixed herds—many females and calves, with a few bulls nearby," the park’s website said. "Bulls bugle to announce their availability and fitness to females and to warn and challenge other bulls. When answered, bulls move toward one another and sometimes engage in battle for access to the cows.”

The national park says the season often lends itself to fighting among the bulls who will wrestle with their antlers. Contrary to what some may thing, fights with antlers rarely cause serious injuries. The weaker bull ultimately gives up and wanders off.

Elk fighting at Mammoth, Wyoming

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