Officials speak on what a marijuana dispensary could mean for Highway 93

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 6:19 PM MDT
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JACKPOT, Nevada (KMVT/KSVT) - “I am not going to begrudge people the ability to make a living, a legal living, which it is legal in their state now, if a dispensary in Jackpot puts some of these people back to work who have been out of work because of COVID, I’m not going to begrudge that,” said the Twin Falls County Sheriff, Tom Carter.

If a marijuana dispensary opens in Jackpot, Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter says, his department will deal with that when it comes.

“If Nevada feels it appropriate to put a marijuana dispensary in Jackpot, that is up to them, and what that means to me and to my agency, is there will be an increase of citations for possessions of marijuana,” said Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter.

You can’t be pulled over without probable cause, but Rogerson resident Gregg Turner says the section of road between Rogerson and Jackpot is very dangerous.

“Since I’ve been driving this road since 1980, I’ve seen numerous deaths and had to cover people up on these curves,” said Rogerson resident Gregg Turner.

Lt. Robert Rausch from Idaho State Police says it’s important to not make a problem before there actually is one, but Rausch wants drivers to understand how dangerous driving while intoxicated is.

“Marijuana intoxication makes it so you don’t pay attention to the task of driving as well, it also slows reflexes and it distorts space and time so you might think you have a certain amount of time to make a pass or change a lane and you really don’t,” said Lt. Rausch.

Both Idaho State Police and the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office says whatever happens in Jackpot, they will be prepared to keep drivers as safe as possible.

“Our focus isn’t going to be, now there is a dispensary, let’s get down there, our focus is going to be maintaining the traffic flows and looking for the same things we always look for,” said LT. Rausch.

“I’ve got a great agency with great deputies that are really good at what they do, and increases are going to be dealt with,” said Sheriff Tom Carter.

The Elko County Commissioners will be meeting once more before the marijuana dispensary is made into law or not.

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