Badger Fire now 49% contained, crews continue to work the perimeter

Still a lot of work to be done before the fire is out. No timetable.
Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 11:41 AM MDT
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HANSEN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT)- As of Tuesday, the Badger Fire is about 49 percent contained and has destroyed more than 89,000 acres. Fire officials on the scene said it might be a while before the fire is out.

Currently, more than 350 people from all over the country and from different agencies are fighting the Badger Fire, and they are throwing everything they have at it.

“We have a direct and indirect line. We have aerial resources such as helicopters. We had two super scoopers around here early this week... Right now it is basically bucket work with helicopters,” said Deb Lozinski, who is a public information officer on the Badger Fire.

She also said because of extremely dry conditions and high winds, “Mother Nature has taken over this fire, and we are working in conjunction with her as much as we can.”

On Tuesday afternoon at Pike Mountain, which is East of the Magic Mountain Ski Area, fire officials were monitoring a big fire down in the canyon/valley area, and the lookouts were giving information to people on the ground, as to where the fire was heading and what resources they might need".

“Any new starts. Anywhere behind our line, call the division supervisors to make sure they know about it. They might have to order up aircraft or we have to pull people back,” said John Vincent, who is a Pike Mountain lookout for Division Bravo.

He also said the Badger Fire was active in multiple areas, and the fire happening in the canyon/valley area was just the heaviest piece going on at that time. Vincent said the wildfire is burning in heavy fuels, and they were not engaging it at that time. Up on the ridge just above the fire, crews were working, and they wanted to keep that fire where it was and not let it spread.

Vincent also echoed Lozinski by saying the fire, “It is contained but not contained by us. Mother Nature is keeping it in there right now.”

He also said everything revolves around fuel, weather, and topography for them.

Vincent and Lozinski said as of Tuesday afternoon, the fire was primarily of forest service land, and no homes or private property was in danger at that time.

Lozinski said most of the structural damage she was aware of was in the campground areas of Sawtooth National Forest.

“We have a few structures on the forest service land, a few outhouses that went, there was a bridge in one of the picnic areas that burned up,” Lozinski said.

At this time there is no timetable for when the fire will be out, and firefighters are working day and night to make sure it does not run wild. Lozinski said due to the hard and tireless work of fire officials probably more than 30 homes between Rock Creek and Dry Creek were able to be saved. But Vincent said there is still a lot more work to be done.

“We have not turned a corner on this yet. Until we can get our line from here-over there maybe we turn a corner,” Vincent -said.

-Original story-

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Fire crews have contained about 49% of the fire burning in the South Hills.

The Sawtooth National Forest Service, Great Basin Regional Incident Management Team and the Bureau of Land Management news release said Tuesday crews will use suppression resources on the southwest flank of the Badger Fire. Crews aim to stop the spread of the fire to the south and west near Pike Mountain and Magic Mountain Ski Resort.

Daily Update on the #badgerfire Tuesday, September 22, 2020 Acres: 89,090 Containment 49% Crews: 5 ...

Posted by U.S. Forest Service-Sawtooth National Forest on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

On Monday, fire crews were able to construct a completed line down Rams Horn Ridge and structure protection actions continued around recreational residences near Magic Mountain Ski Resort.

Though the evacuation order was lifted for the Rock Creek Canyon and Dry Creek Sunday morning. Rock Creek Road is closes at the BLM and private land boundary.

The Sawtooth National Forest issued the Badger Fire Road, Trail and Area Closure, effective Sept. 15. As hunting seasons open, hunters are reminded the closure is in place for their safety as well as the safety of firefighters. The full Forest Closure can be viewed on Inciweb and the Sawtooth NF’s website at

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