Gooding County pastor wants people to get out and vote

If people want to see positive change, they need to register to vote.
Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 5:18 AM MDT
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HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -The deadline to register to vote for the November 3 election is October 9, and a pastor from Gooding County is doing everything he can to encourage people to register and make their vote count.

Isaac Tellez has been the pastor at Hagerman Christian Center for about 20 years. He loves his faith, family, and being an American citizen. He came to Hagerman from Mexico, and he knows what a privilege voting is.

“I come from a country where sometimes your vote does not count, so coming to a nation where your vote is a privilege is right, to me that is the most important,” Tellez said.

This is why he is encouraging people to get out and vote or register to vote because if people want to see a positive change in the country or even their local communities they have to make their voices heard. Tellez talks about the importance of voting at his church, out in the community, and even on social media.

“We are encouraging people to sign up to register to vote online or in-person,” Tellez said.

He said his message about voting isn’t directed to just the Latino community, but everyone: white Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans. He wants to see more citizens engaged.

His daughter Ana said her father is an effective communicator when it comes to talking to people about voting.

“It’s a bit of a build-up because I think if you were to just to say ‘vote or go register’ it can put some people off,” Ana Tellez said. “He tells people that they need to inform themselves, and they need to find for themselves where they stand, and which platform they align better with”.

Pastor Isaac surprisingly said younger adults are a little bit more receptive to his message than older adults.

“Perhaps because I am a pastor they have more of a tendency to listen. Older people are set in their ways, and they are not open to dialogue or conversations,” Tellez said.

He said he has had never considered himself a Republican or a Democrat. Tellez said growing up in Mexico there were dozen of political parties: communist, socialist, PAN, PRI. When he came to the United States it was more the bible leading him to be a conservative and registering as a Republican. He said the Republican party aligns itself more with what he believes in spiritually and morally.

“I will say the intent of the founding fathers it goes along with my philosophy of life, and it aligns with my biblical principles, so I was excited since I was a little kid and read the history of this country, and I was excited by what this country represents,” Tellez said.

As a Republican Tellez said he is a supporter of President Donal Trump because of five basic principles, but he jokingly said he could name more than 20. Tellez said he likes Trump because he is Pro-Israel, Pro-Life, Pro-People, Pro-Free Enterprise, and Pro-Law Enforcement.

“That’s just five reasons, and when I look at these it gives me an equal platform to succeed in the nation. It’s nice like I’m not at a disadvantage,” Tellez said.

However, he doesn’t let his personal beliefs get in the way of his message when he is talking to people about voting.

“If you want to have an opinion then they need they must register to vote. I’m not telling you what to vote for, but I am telling them that they need to register to vote,” Tellez said.

His daughter Ana said people are a little surprised her father is a supporter of President Trump, but once they talk to her father and get to know him they understand why.

Tellez said he thinks this election more than any other is important to vote in, because it might be the most important election of our lifetime, and he expects a big turnout.

“I have never seen an election like this. This is unique. In almost my 20 years in this country. I have never seen something of this phenomenon with Trump and Biden,” Tellez said.

In the end, he thinks Trump will win by a landslide, but he would like to see the president tone it down a bit if he gets re-elected.

“He has a way to say things that I don’t agree with. He has a way of expressing things that are very rude,” Tellez said. “But I have to look at the substance, and I have to look at the actions. Not just a president that is telling me what I want to hear”.

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