Professional BASE jumper: Twin Falls embraces the sport

“It’s such a unique place that allows us to BASE jump and totally embraces the sport”
Published: Oct. 12, 2020 at 6:02 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - BASE Jumping has become a popular hobby, people visiting Twin Falls from all over the globe to enjoy the sport, and professional BASE Jumper Sean Chuma says Twin Falls is a great community for it.

“The jumpers are so grateful to be able to jump here because it’s unique, it’s like no other place,” Chuma said. “It’s totally embraced and it’s just a really amazing feeling to be so accepted as a group of people who do these crazy things.”

Chuma began BASE jumping 15 years ago and since then has BASE jumped all over the world, from Greece to Italy to the APLS. With his company, Interdimensional BASE Instruction he is able to share his passion through his classes.

“If people come in to the sport and they don’t learn from people that are experienced, part of the history and the lessons get lost, so it’s nice to pass on that information because the whole point is to better the sport and make it safer as more people get into it,” Chuma said.

In one week, his students learn the basics of the sport so they are able to enjoy it on their own.

“You start sky-diving first," he said. “You get at least 200 sky dives, and then you take a BASE Jumping class from a reputable instructor — someone who knows what they are doing and then it goes from there.”

As someone who has jumped all over the globe, Chuma says Twin Falls is the perfect place to learn.

“This is the perfect place to learn, and everyone is so grateful to come here to Twin Falls, because it’s such a unique place that allows us to BASE jump and totally embraces the sport," Chuma said.

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