Snake River all-conference football team released

Oakley, Raft River players earn top awards
Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 11:14 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Snake River Conference released the names of the football players who went above and beyond this year. The top awards went to the guys who coincidentally played for a state title last weekend, even though they’re voted upon before the playoffs commence.

The Offensive Player of the Year is Ethan Bernad.

The Raft River senior rushed for 1,822 yards and 20 touchdowns on 130 carries, fumbling only once during that span. He was so explosive, he averaged more than 14 yards per carry. Bernad also had 177 receiving yards and a touchdown, plus 96 yards on special teams.

Bernad helped the Trojans finish second in the 1A DI classification.

Meanwhile, Trojans head coach Chad Evans is Coach of the Year for the first time, after helping the school claim the Snake River Conference championship in late October over Oakley.

FIRST TEAM (Offense)

  1. QB Collin Holloway SR Lighthouse
  2. RB Isaac Mitton SR Oakley
  3. RB Thaine Loughmiller JR Raft River
  4. TE Seth Tracy JR Raft River
  5. WR Clay Silva JR Lighthouse
  6. WR Austin Cranney SR Oakley
  7. OL Ryan Spaeth SR Raft River
  8. OL Beto Bobadilla SR Oakley
  9. OL Zac Gunnell SR Murtaugh
  10. K Collin Holloway SR Lighthouse
  11. Kick Return Clay Silva SR Lighthouse


  1. QB Jace Robinson SR Oakley
  2. RB Chance Gaskill SR Lighthouse
  3. RB Robert Wybenga SR Oakley
  4. WR Jack Dejong FR Lighthouse
  5. WR Dace Jones JR Oakley
  6. OL Kevin Holliday SR Lighthouse
  7. OL Brad Christensen SR Glenns Ferry
  8. OL Trace Whitaker SR Raft River
  9. K Bedo Bobadilla SR Oakley
  10. Kick Return Tegan Whitaker JR Raft River

The Defensive Player of the Year is Isaac Mitton of Oakley. He produced 131 tackles, 9 sacks, 1 pass tip, 3 forced fumbles, 6 fumble recoveries and 2 TD’s. The senior eventually helped the Oakley Hornets dominate in the 1A DI state championship last weekend 52-22 over Raft River, picking up their first title since 2009 and third overall.

FIRST TEAM (Defense)

  1. DL Ryan Spaeth SR Raft River
  2. DL Kaden Dejong SR Lighthouse
  3. DL Zac Gunnell SR Murtaugh
  4. LB Thaine Loughmiller JR Raft River
  5. LB Jace Robinson SR Raft River
  6. LB Brad Christensen SR Glenns Ferry
  7. DB Collin Holloway SR Lighthouse
  8. DB Bodee Spencer SR Raft River
  9. P Collin Holloway SR Lighthouse


  1. DL Kevin Holliday SR Lighthouse
  2. DL Adam Boden SR Raft River
  3. DL Strom Pickett SR Oakley
  4. LB Dace Jones JR Oakley
  5. LB Seth Tracy JR Raft River
  6. LB Chance Gaskill SR Lighthouse
  7. DB Clay Silva SR Lighthouse
  8. DB Corbin Bedke SR Oakley
  9. P Beto Bobadilla SR Oakley


  1. QB Ty Stanger SR Murtaugh
  2. RB Armando Carllson JR Lighthouse
  3. RB Chris Grunig SR Murtaugh
  4. WR Jed Boden SR Raft River
  5. WR Wes Stanger SR Murtaugh
  6. WR Wyatt Wooten SR Glenns Ferry
  7. OL Davin Jones JR Raft River
  8. OL Caleb Black SO Glenns Ferry
  9. OL Clay Douglas SR Oakley
  10. OL Carter Munsee SO Lighthouse


  1. DL Wyatt Wooten SR Glenns Ferry
  2. DL Mason Whitaker JR Raft River
  3. DL Beto Bobadilla SR Oakley
  4. LB Wyatt Castenado JR Glenns Ferry
  5. LB Tegan Dimond SR Murtaugh
  6. LB Kagen Knudsen SR Raft River
  7. DB Ty Stanger SR Murtaugh
  8. DB Austin Cranney SR Oakley
  9. DB Jed Boden SR Raft River

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