Idaho Transportation Department looking at possibility of building new bridge to cross canyon

They’re exploring different location in Twin Falls and Jerome counties
Published: Nov. 29, 2020 at 6:42 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -The Idaho Transportation Department is looking at the possibility of building a third bridge to cross the Snake River canyon in Twin Falls and Jerome counties.

ITD is exploring five potential areas in the Twin Falls and Jerome areas for a possible future bridge, but they stress that this is so far into the future, and in such an early stage, that nothing has been set in stone.

Three of the possible locations are west of the Perrine bridge, one location is east of the Perrine bridge, while the fifth option is to widen the Hansen bridge.

Possible future bridge locations
Possible future bridge locations(Rachel Fabbi)

Jessica Williams, with ITD says they recently finished an origin destination study, looking at where people are traveling to and from.

“And with that in mind, where would be a beneficial placement for a possible future river crossing?” explained Williams, “So that means if we placed that in this particular area, would that help alleviate traffic on the Perrine bridge, or on the Hansen bridge because more people are coming from this area and traveling to that area. And so that’s really just what it looked at, and it kind of looked at a very baseline cost as well that would be associated with those various points of potential river crossings.”

Williams also explained that one of the next steps is to do a cost benefit analysis, which would see what the cost benefit would be of a potential crossing in various spots.

“So again going back to if we were to place a crossing at this area, would that truly help address the growth of Twin Falls, of the Magic Valley area, Jerome, as we continue to grow in the future?” continues Williams, “Is that going to really help alleviate traffic on the Perrine Bridge, is that going to help alleviate traffic on the Hansen bridge, or would we be better suited to look at another option elsewhere?”

Right now they don’t have an answer to how this will be funded, but Williams says its a very active discussion, and that’s one of the reasons why they’re looking at the possibility of a new bridge now, to get ahead and hopefully start sorting some of those issues out, and figure out if it’s something that will be funded through multiple sources, and or grants.

The whole presentation ITD gave to stake holders can be found here.

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