Boise State introduces new athletic director

Published: Jan. 5, 2021 at 2:28 AM MST
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BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Boise State University introduced the newest member of the athletic department to Bronco Nation Monday afternoon.

Athletic director Jeramiah Dickey took the podium after introductions from president Dr. Marlene Tromp and search committee chair, Randy Hales.

Dickey comes to Idaho from Baylor University, where he most recently served as the associate vice-president for athletics.

Dr. Tromp stated she spoke to 76 sources about potentially hiring Dickey and they all gave uniform answers about his character and abilities.

One of those sources happened to be Chris Petersen, plus longtime donors and supporters of the Bronco Athletic Association.

Dickey plans to speak with each university staff member within his first 100 days and his work mentality is blue collar, something that bodes well for the program.

He really matches the character of the university and also the kind of experience that can really help lead Boise State forward,  but I also want to emphasize to you his humility and approachability,” explained Dr. Tromp.

Dickey said, “I’m not big on titles and I’m not big on individual accolades, I’m big on team and we will big on team.” He added “we will engage with the university and the community, we will not do this alone. It takes all and we will do that, I’m excited about that and I am excited to meet those on campus that have gotten Boise State to this place.”

So now for the million dollar question, who will replace Bryan Harsin as head football coach? It’s obviously one of Dickey’s first tasks and one he’s not rushing.

Neither Dickey nor President Tromp made any specific references to a timeline or candidates.

“It’s difficult to put in a number or a number of days or a specific date on something like this, this is the most important decision I’ll make as an athletic director and I’m 48 hours in,” Dickey exclaimed. “I would prefer not putting in a timeline, there’s a specific process that i believe in and trust and those that are around me now believe and trust in.”

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