Citizen wants Buhl to become Second Amendment sanctuary city

“There are a lot of gun owners in Buhl”
A Buhl man is planning to ask his City Council to pass a resolution to make Buhl a Second Amendment sanctuary city.
Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 9:18 AM MST
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BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A Buhl man is asking his City Council to pass a resolution to make Buhl a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

Long-time Buhl resident and Second Amendment supporter Rick Maritt told KMVT he plans to encourage the city of Buhl in Monday night’s City Council meeting to follow in the footsteps of cities such as Gooding, and declare Buhl a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

“I’m not really involved in politics a lot,” Maritt said, “but this one is very, very important to a lot of people around here in the state especially.”

Maritt hopes there will be enough people at the City Council meeting in support of the possible resolution and then the city can promptly move forward with a resolution.

For example, a part of Gooding’s Second Amendment resolution states the Gooding City Council will not appropriate any funds for the enforcement of unconstitutional laws or executive actions against the people of Gooding.

The city of Buhl told KMVT this proposal is not an agenda item. Merritt will likely make his proposal during the citizen’s concerns portion of the meeting.

“There are a lot of gun owners in Buhl,” Maritt said. “It’s the Second Amendment of the Constitution — the right to bear arms.”

Maritt said there was a large turn-out of citizens at the city council meeting in support of his effort, and now the city is looking forward to moving forward with and start the process and will discuss it again at the next city council meeting. He also wants to start work on the state level.

“I just hope there are enough people there to get it out and then we can go to the next stage which is to going to the governor to try and get a sanctuary state,” he said. “If not, I might be moving to Texas.”

KMVT did reach out to the Buhl mayor and council for comment regarding the possibility of making Buhl a Second Amendment sanctuary city and did not receive a response at the time this story was posted. KMVT will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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