Magic Valley electric companies joining forces

“We are actually bringing a family back together,”
Magic Valley electric companies joining forces
Published: Feb. 12, 2021 at 3:50 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) —The competition between two Magic Valley electric companies is coming to an end. Putting you first KMVT explains how two businesses and families are coming together for the betterment of their customers.

Magic Valley Electric has recently acquired Gietzen Electric and Gietzen Solar, and they will now exist as one under the Magic Valley Electric name.

“In the past 8 years, we have been in competition in some sort of fashion in the electrical industry,” said Magic Valley Electric owner Billy Salts. “It has been kind of tough because that is actually my family, my mother and father-in-law, and my brother-in-law.”

KMVT spoke with the owners of both businesses, who said this endeavor is more than just bringing two companies together. It’s about strengthening a bond between two families in order to better serve the Magic Valley.

“Instead of joining forces with another company, we are actually bringing a family back together,” said Gietzen Electric owner Doug Gietzen.

Gietzen Electric has been in the electrical industry for 48 years, and Magic Valley Electric says they will continue to honor that legacy throughout the company.

“They offer things that we could be better at,” said Salts. “The same thing on our side, and so bringing that together both companies it is really going to help us be that much better.”

One of the many benefits they mentioned includes the addition of Gietzen Solar to Magic Valley Electric, which will now be a service they can provide and grow.

“It’s going to give me the ability to take this to the next level with the amount guys he has and the structure he has,” said Logan Gietzen with Geitzen solar. “It is going to be amazing.”

In a letter sent out to customers Magic Valley Electric said, “Now, more than ever, we are moving into the future as one team. One dream.”

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