Update: Twin Falls city council adopts resolution to ‘uphold oath’ and ‘Constitution’ after Second Amendment petition

On Monday night, the City Council unanimously adopted a resolution to reaffirm their oath to defend and support the U.S. and Idaho State Constitution.
Monday night's city council meeting
Monday night's city council meeting(SK)
Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 10:30 AM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — On Monday night Twin Falls residents gathered at city hall for a big announcement, as the city council unanimously adopted a resolution to reaffirm their oath to defend and support the U.S. and Idaho State Constitution, and oppose any laws that infringe upon the constitutional rights of local citizens.

The resolution does not make Twin Falls a Second Amendment Sanctuary City, but it does state:

“City Council of the City of Twin Falls has been approached by citizens who are opposed to any legislation proposed by the Idaho State Legislature, the Governor of Idaho, the United States Congress, or the President of the United States that would infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms or would ban the possession and use of firearms, magazines, ammunition, or accessories necessary to citizens of the City of Twin Falls for the defense of life, liberty, and property.”

It is similar to the resolution the Twin Falls County Commissioners passed a few weeks ago, and like that one, some people wondered if the resolution is just words on paper and if it can actually be enforced.

“But we don’t know what kind of teeth it has until it’s tested, and when it’s tested, we will find out, said Forrest Andersen who helped put together the resolution with city staff. “And I can tell you the people that were in this meeting will show that it does have teeth. If we need to reaffirm it any further, we will all be standing on each other’s front lawns defending it.”

Twin Falls Resolution adopted by city council
Twin Falls Resolution adopted by city council(SK)
Twin Falls Resolution adopted by city council
Twin Falls Resolution adopted by city council(SK)

-Original story-

On Monday night, the city council took no action on making Twin Falls a Second Amendment Sanctuary City or a Second Amendment City, but they did vote to direct staff to draft a resolution or proclamation to reaffirm the oath they took to uphold the constitution.

About a month ago, KMVT brought viewers the story of Lanny Denton, a 67-year-old Twin Falls resident who is an advocate for the Second Amendment and people’s rights to bear arms and his concerns that there are currently three U.S. House bills aimed at restricting people’s gun rights: H.R 127, H.R. 130, and H.R. 121. To address his concerns he started a petition to make Twin Falls a Second Amendment Sanctuary City, and he has been getting help from local Twin Falls businessman Forrest Andersen in collecting signatures and getting the word out.

Before the City Council meeting, Monday night the two men held a Second Amendment rally in downtown Twin Falls Thursday night outside of city hall. At the rally, they were collecting signatures for the petition, and before Denton submitted his petition to the City Council, he said he had collected more than 3,000 signatures, about 1,700 were from Twin Falls residents.

When Denton spoke and submitted his petition and resolution to the council he said he was willing to step away from wanting to make Twin Falls a Second Amendment Sanctuary City and would settle for just making it a Second Amendment City.

“I have been talking with the county and some other people, and the word sanctuary seems to have a negative connotation in some aspects,” Denton said. " So by taking that out and just saying Second Amendment City I think that raised the bar a little bit and made it more acceptable to more people.”

At the end of the night, after listening to Denton and few other people in support of his petition, the City Council voted unanimously to direct staff in working with Denton and Andersen in drafting a resolution or proclamation that will reaffirm the City Council’s oath in upholding the constitution and Second Amendment. Some of the council members said they didn’t want the draft resolution or proclamation to just simply apply to people’s Second Amendment rights, but to all of its citizens’ constitutional rights.

The draft resolution or proclamation will be an agenda item at the March 15 City Council meeting, and Andersen said he felt the council really listened to the people and was pleased with their decision.

“All I am looking for is for them to affirm their support of the Second Amendment and all of our constitutional rights, and then state they are willing to support the people’s rights to exercise those things,” Andersen said.

Denton said he was also pleased with the outcome and is “100% positive” the draft resolution will pass when they are done.

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